Why Acceptance Isn’t Worth It


This caught my eye while scrolling through Facebook a few nights ago. Please understand, as a young person living with a disability, I totally get where this message is coming from. I know there is a time in every person’s life, disabled or not, when all we really want is to be accepted by the people around us. We will say anything, do anything, become anyone, just to get that smile and nod of approval from people in the halls at school that says, “You are no longer your flaws.” While I understand that this feeling is natural, I also know something else:

You are not your flaws, and you shouldn’t change just to be accepted. You are better than that.

Let me ask you this, what does society ask of you in order to really be accepted as a young person?

  • Be in a romantic relationship by 6th grade.
  • Be sexually active in high school.
  • Question all authority.
  • Do whatever feels good in the moment, because YOLO.

Now, seriously, if that’s what it takes to really be accepted, is it worth trying? Is gaining temporary approval worth the lifetime of regret and pain those choices will cost? I don’t think so. I think, if we’re willing to rise above the expectations now; if we’re willing to be who God created us to be, regardless of whether society accepts us or not, these expectations will, slowly, begin to change.


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