Not “Forever Alone”

You’ve probably heard this phrase, especially on or around this day every year. You may have even used it yourself. While I understand the temptation to bemoan your singleness on the day all the couples are celebrating their togetherness, I wanted to take a moment to show my single friends why this phrase, designed as an emotional outlet for people like ourselves, is honestly an unfair lie.

To bust this myth, let’s break it down. Literally. First, there’s the “forever” part. Chances are, this stage of your life won’t last forever. True, it might take a few months, or even years, but eventually you will get past it. One day, most likely, you will meet that person. That one person just for you. That person who probably thought their singleness was forever, too, but decided that they weren’t going to make something happen before it was supposed to. Instead, they waited for you, their right person, to come along.

You may be one of the people reading this and thinking, “Well, that’s all good for the ‘available’ people, but what about the people who are called to singleness? What about us, huh?” Well, first of all, if that’s the case, why are you complaining about it? Whatever the reason is, it’s your turn.

Next, we have the “alone” part. Honestly, none of us is really ever alone. We have so many people around us all the time. We have family and friends who are around us at home, at school, at church, pretty much everywhere. We’re around people who care about us. To say that we’re alone, just because we don’t have that one person, is seriously not fair to the people who are here for us. It’s disregarding all the time and attention they’ve given us. Just because that one person is missing from the picture right now (or forever, always single folks), that doesn’t give us permission to neglect all the people in our picture at this time. Focus on the people who are there, not the person that isn’t.

Hopefully, you can see why “forever alone”, though comforting to some degree, is unfair. It’s unfair to yourself, your family and friends, and the person who will come along for you. I want to encourage you, single friends, as you spend another Valentines Day without a valentine, don’t say that you’re forever alone. Instead, say “I’m NOT alone,” because you’re not. You have family and friends who love you, and I know for a fact that there is a God who is always with you, and loves you so much more than anyone ever can.


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