Salt in the world, or salt in the wound?

Are we salt in the world, or salt in the wound?
After discovering this song by Cutter Gage, (I highly recommend you go to Youtube and check out the rest his music. After you finish reading this post, of course) that question swirled around in my head like a five year-old on a sugar high.  I knew that we, as Christians, are called to be salt in the world. I also knew that, if you put salt on a cut, it hurts. A LOT. There was just one thing I couldn’t figure out: If we’re called to be salt, how do we avoid the wound? I spent the whole day pondering this question until I finally got it, though the answer wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

Are these good intentions enough to trade in for love?
I saw the world. Well, more accurately, I saw a picture of the world in my mind. I quickly noticed something was wrong, though. There was a giant, gaping crack running right through the middle of it. As I was contemplating this image and how in the world (pun intended) it was staying together with the the huge crack dividing it, there came a farmer, carrying a huge bag of salt. He promptly began spreading the salt all around the cracked Earth. When he was finished, he looked back to gaze proudly at his accomplishment, but the only difference I saw was that the crack was much wider and deeper. That’s when it hit me, right in the heart.
I think we Christians will look at a broken person and, right away, tell them that they need Jesus (which, I do understand, is true), but won’t help them with the broken areas because we know God will do that. The problem is, that person doesn’t know what we know. They look at us telling them they need Jesus as judging them, without knowing anything about what’s going on in their life. So, they try to stay away from Christians, church, and, ultimately, God.
This is my proposal to all my fellow Christians reading this: help the person with that broken area. Then tell them about the One who sees all their brokenness, and loves them anyway.


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